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a content marketing platform helping brand to connect with consumers and build brand awareness.

Core Features

Prensalista is a powerful platform with several functional modules.

A single organization can manage multiple independent workgroups with secured roles based access.

From assignment inception to content approval, supporting full set of functions to increase productivity.

People like your content; some just don't know it yet. We can help your organization find a new audience.

Powerful API, capable of publishing to a diverse group of publishing platforms, including WordPress.

Distribute content to Facebook and Twitter using our scheduler to target the creator's networks and yours.

Monetize your content with real time licensing. Turning your idle content library into a new revenue stream.

Track and measure a variety of indicators for each content entity published using Prensalista.

Our platform resides in a state of the art data center that enforces SSL-encrypted communications.

We are here to help your organization achieve its goals. Our team wants to be part of your organization success.

Plans & Pricing

For enterprise plans, custom integrations, training and hosting please contact us at

PROFESSIONAL starting at$ 0.00 /month
1 Workgroups / News Rooms 3 Staff Users / Unlimited Freelancers 20% Transaction Fee* Editorial Workflow & Calendar Access to Freelance Database Analytics Payments and Tax Requirements External Approvals Integrations (wordpress, blogger, etc) Email Support
ULTIMATE starting at$ 4,500 /month
10 Workgroups / News Rooms 20 Staff Users / Unlimited Freelancers 10% Transaction Fee* Everything To The Left

* Transaction fees refer to content acquired and paid for using the platform payment system.

Content Creators

We offer you a platform to foster your talent and empower your career doing what you love. Join our troop.

Our platform offers you the opportunity to take your career to the next level, promoting your talent to new audiences.

No limit on your contributions or how much money you can generate with them as a member of our contributor’s network.

Great stories make ideas reality, they change the world around us, and we can help you be part of that force, doing what you love.

Establish new professional relationship with top editors in the industry from a variety of top publishers and agencies.

Prensalista's public professional portfolio is an amazing tool to promote your craft and showcase the best of your work.

All you contributions are fully wired to be exposed to all major social network, incrementing your exposure and recognition.

Create a great profile with your professional photo and bio. Let editors learn more about you and your experience.

Get exposed to new audiences, increase your social influence all while doing what you love.

The Power of Content

Unique and relevant content is the best way to build relationships with audiences and make them care about your brand.

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